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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I read chick lit after a very long time. I did go into it not really knowing whether I was going to like it or not because sometimes it bores me silly. I should really get rid of my condescending tone and get to grips with this genre.

Kate gets a once in a lifetime opportunity and obtains an interview at a magazine that she adores. She blows the whole chance away by getting absolutely drunk on the night before the interview, turns up for it stoned out of her mind.   Fast forward to a couple of weeks later where she has gone through every feeling of guilt, self hate and anger. She is now called upon to go undercover at a rehabilitation center for recovering addicts and be the papparazzi who will uncover the story of what a famous star is doing at the center. In return she will be offered a job at the magazine. She herself is being diagnosed as an alcoholic much to her dismay and disgust.

Go further down the line meeting the person she is supposed to shop, meeting a man whom she is attracted to and feeling thoroughly mixed up about being the person to blow the whole story to the media who are waiting with bated breath for news of the star who is now in rehab is the rough outline of the whole story.

I found Kate to be silly and I also found lots of things in the book unrealistic. I was glad however  that it tackled the problem of alcoholicsm in young people because very often this is thought to be an issue amongst older folk. In this story Kate and her friends are all very very young.   I was glad I read it mainly to get out of my own comfort zone and read a genre which is opposite to what I normally would indulge in.


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed Spin. I don't read much chick-lit either, but I did enjoy this one. I really loved her second novel Arranged.

  2. I do like chick-lit and the silliness

  3. I'm not much of a reader of chick lit either, but I read about the author and found myself liking her. Of course I had to read her book. It was a refreshing read which I rather enjoyed. The author has a group in which she introduces us to authors and their books, which she.feels should be best sellers.

  4. I like chick-lit and I think I probably would like this one. The inclusion of alcoholism makes me think of Marian Keyes, whose works are often classified as chick-lit but whose writing is much deeper than books traditionally classified as chick-lit.

  5. I like chick lit and the silliness once in a while and this book was one of my favorites as is her book Arranged. I do think it helps to enjoy chick lit but I'm glad it wasn't too bad for you despite being out of your genre.