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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I have read three of Sarah Dunant books but they were all set in Rennaissance Italy. I loved the settings, the writings, the period. This was a 360 degree turnaround! a debut thriller by the same author. What a contrast and still so refreshing.

A very suave young man dealing in cocaine and a very naive woman who falls in love with him. He is brilliant at portraying emotions so well that anyone is swept away by his "genuineness"!  Portrayed to the reader as a cold, clinical, calculating killer the story of  Elly and Lenny is set amidst the countries of Colombia and America with a a descriptiveness of both which catches one's imagination wholeheartedly.

The loyalty of old friends whose ties are those that bind and go back years is also highlighted in this book. Old friends who care for one deeply despite being rejected by one who finds new loves and new interests.  This theme of friendship runs through the whole book uniting Marla and Ella with Lenny and other characters on the sidelines.

Beautifully told, very intense and keeping you on the edge till the end. Another side to a very clever author.

We are having three hour power cuts every day! this affected our computers as well and we were without internet for two days. Now hopefully things are going to settle down. Can live with the power cut but not without the internet!  it was a bad two days.

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  1. I didn't know this author wrote other genres. I'm glad you enjoyed it, Mystica. Hope your power issues resolve soon. Funny how we all 'need' the internet :-)