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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Everything We Give by Kerry Lonsdale

No 3 and the final book in this series. It was a miracle I managed to get them all.
Thanks to the publishers!

Ian and Aimee seem to have it all. A beautiful little girl, sufficient money to live well, a sound marriage and they are happy and content. But are they? Ian has demons in his background and he hasn't got rid of them yet. Not quite. Aimee at the same time has a lot of baggage and she is also uncertain of how to let it all go. Both of them have not quite come to terms with their past - and to let it all go they both know they have got to confront and meet the nemesis that caused them the greatest woe.

For Ian it was his mother - a woman with a split personality disorder and a father who seemed distant and disinterested. After years he seeks closure. For Aimee her past history with the Donato family is full of grave disquiet and she needs to sort out her life before going forward with her new one.

This story was complicated and twisted and for me for Ian heart wrenching what he underwent with his mother but you need to read the first two books to get a grip on this one.

I am just glad it all ended well as it was very convoluted and very dysfunctional at the start.

Sent to me by Netgalley for an unbiased review, courtesy of Lake Union Publishing.

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Kathryn T said...

I read one book by Kerry Lonsdale and thought it was good, this series sounds like a complicated and well worth reading.