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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Newport by Jill Morrow

Adrian is a successful lawyer and he with his gangly assistant Jim have returned to Newport to attest a very unusual case. An elderly man wants to marry a rather young woman, unusual but not uncommon but what is strange here is that the man is marrying at the request of his long dead wife, who has appeared in a séance and not just requested him to do so but ordered him to do so.

The fact that the very young Amy through whom the wife speaks is none other than the "niece" of Catherine the bride in our story adds the quirkiness. The bridegroom's son Nicky is furious at the turn of events as he fears he is going to get out of his very large inheritance and he has now encouraged his sister Chloe to join forces with him in delaying the marriage.

What was interesting in this story was not just the apparent facts as it appeared on the surface but the history of almost every character which went back decades and which was very much part of what was happening now. How events that took place years before can influence, change and be part of a life decades later is always how stories become interesting and in this case it is very much so.

The stories of Catherine and Amy, how intertwined they were with Adrian and Nicky in very unthought of ways and the outcome today comes together well. A good depiction of life in the 1920s - dark and glitzy at the same time.

This was a book sent to be by Edelweiss.


  1. Thanks for the review - I'm looking forward to this one. The 1920s is a new favorite setting of mine.

  2. You're always finding books that I didn't have on my radar that sound like books I'd really enjoy!

  3. I love the sound of this book! It sounds different and unique, and also mysterious. Thanks for bringing this book to my radar!

  4. The 1920's was such an interesting time in history. This one sounds like it will be good! I am glad you liked it.