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Thursday, May 24, 2012


Elfrida has retired and moved to the countryside. She is not quite poor but it will be a struggle. She is not complaining however and is extremely happy with her choice of home and village. This is the life she was always looking out for. Elfrida happily settles into village life and also gets involved in the social life of the village - parties in the big house are the big attraction and Gloria though brash is a good sort and Oscar is a perfect gentleman.

Fast forward and we find tragedy has struck Oscar whilst Elfrida is on a month's holiday and like a good samaritan she steps in to help him. It becomes a romantic interlude as well and whilst it is that it also becomes a very complicated story with the arrival of a friend and her niece Lucy and the stranded Sam.

I liked the mix of stories and characters in the book. Each one different but all acting out of the goodness of their hearts to help someone else in distress. It may across as being too "goody" as it were but it proved to be a very interesting read despite the excess of goodness. One does get tired of reading and seeing all about the harshness and cruelty of man towards man.

My first read of Rosamunde Pilcher. Will not be my last.


  1. I'll have to put this on my list. The Shell Seekers is the only Pilcher novel I've read - and I enjoyed it.

  2. Be sure to read The Shell Seekers. It is my favorite RP book!

  3. I have only head good things about this author :)

  4. This was my first Pilcher novel too! I really liked it.