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Sunday, May 6, 2012

DIANA GABALDON Drums of Autumn

I put off reading this book until I had the time to actually appreciate it. It is over 1000 pages and this long weekend I had was just the ideal time. No going out anywhere. Just sat at the book and I enjoyed it so very much. I got irritated when I had to get up to attend to anything else.

Claire a time traveller from the 20th century and Jamie her 18th century husband along with their nephew Ian (the one who is so very accident prone) set sail for the Colonies along with their friend Duncan. Fergus has been left behind in Jamaica.  Adventure upon adventure follow some good some not so good but the story is unbelievable but when reading it you could get so wrapped up in the story that you actually know that what is happening is quite possible.

Telling more of the story would be spoilers and this I am not going to do. In this book Diana Gabaldon gives one the details of how actually one can get about the time travel business and more importantly (for some) how you can get back. Time travel was a new genre for me till I read Voyager and now I am hooked.

I sometimes wonder how it is ever going to end or do we go on with spin offs with Ian for example or Brianna or maybe even ancilliary characters like Fergus or Lord Grey.

Gabaldon's cleverness is that the reader is kept enthralled from beginning to end. There may be no happy ever after ending but one does want to read more. I will be looking out for the others in the series.

Monday is a holiday here in Sri Lanka. So nice to do nothing!


  1. What an interesting story, and I do love this genre of time-travel. It seems that each of us have at one time or another wished we could go back in time.

    I read a book of this type as a child (10 yrs old) and wish that I could remember or find it again. Of course I read the Time Traveler's Wife as well.

    Thank your for this review and positive recommendation!


  2. I'm glad to see you enjoyed it. I've read the first book in the series - Outlander - and really liked it. I haven't had time in the schedule to read the second book but I have it ready for when I do have time.
    I think Outlander was the first time travel novel I read but I've read a few shorter novels since. I enjoy them.

  3. I love to read reviews of those just finding this series. It has been such a favorite of mine for 20 years. They are an investment of time, but well worth it. I hope you get to The Fiery Cross very soon!

  4. You have mentioned my son's favourite author! The Outlander was a gift from me to him and he was simply hooked! I must say I found it myself spellbinding but never got interested in the following novels.
    Perhaps I am a dreamer with two feet firmly on the ground...or so my son says...
    Have a lovely week Mystica!

  5. I read the first 4 (this being the 4th) in rapid succession many years ago. Now I need to find time for The Fiery Cross.

  6. I haven't read anything by this author and she's so popular -- I do have The Outlander.