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Saturday, October 22, 2011


I get my hands on a spin off from Pride and Prejudice very rarely. Very very rarely. Most people I have spoken to here have not even heard of this kind of novel - so when I do get one I enjoy it very much.

This particular story did not do very much for me - but it was a different take from the blissfully happy, perpetually content Elizabeth. A few thorny issues - scandalous behaviour of the heir to Pemberley and constraints in the relationship between Elizabeth and Darcy are some of the things which came up.

Darcy was always a snob but the idea was that Elizabeth would smooth out the rough edges. Here Darcy seems to be a positive snob! I was disappointed with this. Miss Bingley is still terribly jealous, Jane is still gentle and kind, Mrs Bennet is in turns surprisingly good and surprisingly strange, Lydia Wickham is still out for what she can get from anyone around.

Interesting light reading.


  1. I tried this one and gave up cos I hated how they characters were portrayed

  2. Too bad this Austen spin off was not a good as could have been expected.

  3. Now you're probably not that disappointed to not be able to get your hands on spin offs!

  4. I had a bad experience with spin-offs after reading Scarlett, the 'sequel' to Gone With the Wind, which put me off other sequels. It sounds like this author imagined the characters in a different way to you.

  5. A good spin-off is hard to find, no matter where you live ;-)