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Thursday, October 13, 2011


This has all the mix of suspense, mystery, murder and a twist in the tale.  Her only child killed by a serial murderer Eve turns to a career which she has made into a lifeline. A forensic scientist she helps in locating remains of children - murdered and missing - so that their parents could have the peace of closure.

When John Logan approaches her with details of finding a missing adult, Eve is not interested. Her focus is on children only - but the money offered to a foundation to search for missing children is so big that Eve just cannot turn down the offer.  Though John does not reveal his knowledge of the identity or rather his suspicions of who is the murdered man, it does come as a surprise when you realize who it is. How politics can get involved in murder and the huge cover up involved so that many people will benefit is the story of the book.

The unravelling of the identity of the man behind the skull and the convoluted politics involved are interesting and gives one an idea of how the FBI and American politics operate. For a non American this was informative reading as well!

I did not know the book is part of a series and that this was the first in the series. I was just lucky that I found the first one. It does not always work out that way in this part of the world.  I liked the style of writing and though critics say that DNA testing could have been used initially prior to what Eve did, the story was good for me. I will be looking out for other books by this author. The nice part of reading mystery/murder stories is that each author has their own style of not just relating the murder but the method of solving the crime differs greatly - one from the other. This was in a more modern style of writing and very enjoyable.


  1. That was a lucky find! I hope you can read more of the series since you enjoyed the first.

  2. I've read a couple by this author - though not in order. I enjoy them, I am sure you will too if you get a chance to pick up more

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  3. Johansen's titles are definitely interesting page-turners! I really like her writing style! Glad you enjoyed this one!