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Saturday, October 15, 2011


Two reviews of Agatha Christie coming up here.

Five Little Pigs was interesting as we went sixteen years back to solve a crime - the people had all grown up, lives had changed considerably and Hercule Poirot had a task on his hands. No evidence, people's memories of dates and events had changed but it was strange how judicious questioning brought everything back - minute details as to the color of the light, to what someone was wearing. It shows how much the subconscious mind actually retains - despite the passage of time.

A man who likes women is murdered. Throw in a jealous wife, a passionate girlfriend - friends on the surface but people who are in turn envious of the couple's lifestyle and you have a murder. Like many reviewers of the book, I thought I had the murderer identified not even halfway through the book. I was wrong and Agatha Christie in her inimitable style proved me otherwise!!!

This was a totally different read. Poirot is pedantic and slow! Tuppence and Tommy are young, agile and quick to jump the gun. Meeting them for the first time when they are just going to start their sleuthing careers was a nice read for me. I have read one book when they are old, retired and just looking for a quiet life so as usual I read it in the wrong order!

The setting is 1922 and I understand its Agatha Christie's second book so there are a bit of raw bits and pieces around. A girl goes missing with sensitive documents. Finding her and the documents most importantly is what the story is about. Put in some Russians, some Slavs, bolsheviks, revolutionaries, terrorists and an all important Mr. Brown and we have a light hearted entertaining story.

A touch of romance is also thrown in and you are sure there is going to be a happy ending for Tuppence and Tommy.

Agatha Christie such comfort reading.


  1. I loved 5 Little Pigs. It was also the first Poirot series that I saw starring David Suchet. Really well done story. I must admit Tommy and Tuppence are not really my favorite Christie creations but Secret Adversary was fun. Coincidentally I just reviewed a book by Christie too. Christie and others.

  2. I've only read one of her books to date, the first Miss Marple, but I can see what you mean about her being perfect comfort reading :)

  3. I have seen a few reviews of this one recently. I have only read one by her, I do want to read more.

    Have a great week Mystica

  4. I read The Secret Adversary a few months back ans really liked it! I've only just started reading Christie and I'm reading them in order.