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Monday, October 10, 2011

Mailbox Monday and It's Monday What are you reading?

It has been a week since I last posted (it was a strange connection in Rozella - I could comment on blogs with a bit of difficulty, I could not open emails and I could not do a post!!!) so I was looking forward to coming back to Colombo and doing a proper post.

My mailbox for this week has just one book. Death Notice by Todd Ritter - this was a win and for the life of me I cannot trace it! Acknowledgement to the source will follow I promise. Description reads as a tense and twisty whodunnit! Nice.

My reading for the last week was excellent - over five books done so reviews will follow.  Right now I am reading Also the Hills and am also hoping to start Voyager by Diana Gabaldon.

Today is a Poya day - it celebrates the full moon and each month there is a separate significance for Buddhists attached to it. Today it is the Vap Poya day.  It is also a holiday.


  1. That book looks and sounds like a page turner. I hope you have another great week of reading.

  2. That sounds really scary. I think I'd freak if I saw a Death Notice anywhere near me.

    Enjoy the read my lovely :)

  3. Congrats on the win, especially a book that sounds like a winner in itself! Enjoy!

  4. Wow - five books read last week! Great job! Enjoy your reading this week as well!