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Friday, October 21, 2011


I put Inspector Lynley somewhere on par with Darcy so naturally I like the book! thats the first point. The second point is that Elizabeth George is such a natural story teller that one gets wrapped up in the story to the point that the book cannot be put down.

Three murders - starting with the clubbing and castration of a journalist then moving to the Cornish coast with its caves and rough seas, its history of smuggling for centuries recast in a modern mould.  Add a personal scandal of epic proportions - Lynley's own brother Peter heavily involved in drugs - addicted and could he be dealing. We also have St James's sister Sidney and her lover heavily involved as well. The boyfriend also ends up a victim so where does that place Sidney?

The complications within the family - the love triangle of Lynley, Deborah and St James - where is it going to end is a question in the story. The estrangement between St Lynley and his mother and his continued insidious harshness in his treatment of his mother leading to her being so alone is beautifully described.

Add to this beautiful descriptions of the countryside of Cornwall, the environs of London and you have a book that you do not want to put down.

As usual I loved the book!!!


  1. I've read all the books in this series (I think) except two - counting this one. I have this earmarked for early next year. Thanks for a great review. :)

    P.S. Cornwall is a great setting.

  2. I always watched the tv-series :D So yes I like Lynley

  3. I'm reading anything set on the Cornish coast these days. This should be one of them!

  4. Why do I seem to love books set in Cornwall? Definitely a place I must visit! Great review!