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Friday, November 10, 2017

The Girl Who Came Back by Kerry Wilkinson

It seems a common story nowadays. A child vanishes. But with the abduction the story ends. There is no ransom note, no child or body of a child found and the family has to try to get back together and most of the times it fails.  The pressure of a missing child who could have done what to prevent it happening, is very much part of every story of a missing child.

In this case Olivia Adams goes missing from a small English village. Everyone knows everyone else's business and Olivia and her family are known to all. Thirteen years pass and Olivia has returned. Her story is sketchy and she does not volunteer much information but she is welcomed back by her mother who has since divorced her Dad and is married again with a small toddler. Adapting to the new circumstances is not easy, especially since her step father and most importantly his brother dislike her intensely and her presence in their home. The brothers are a strange pair, they do everything together and one blindly follows the other. Olivia cannot imagine her steady, sensible mother getting involved with a moron like him but those are the circumstances to which she returns.

It is from here that the story really starts and this is the unlikely part that you would never guess unless you are really clever. I wasn't and I didn't!

The story itself is a common one, the twist in the tail wasn't. Read this one for a really good mystery read.

Sent to me by Netgalley for an unbiased review, courtesy of Bookouture. 


  1. You've made me curious about the twist too.

  2. Hi Mystica,

    Now you have me imagining all kinds of different scenarios for the ending of this one!

    This is a new to me author, but I can just tell from the synopses of some of her other books, that Kerry's name is heading for my list, so thanks for sharing.

    We haven't spoken in what seems like an age, so I hope that all is well with you :)


  3. Great that it had a twist in the tale. What I wonder is what happened to Olivia in those missing years.

  4. I love books that surprise me. It sounds like I'd enjoy this one!