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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

PROOF by C E Tobisman

I hadn't read the first book but this one was very good as a stand alone. A lawyer with a highly qualified techie background was an unusual combination to begin with. Someone who stood first in her graduation, was offered a plum job coveted by all and left it within a month leaves a lot of questions behind. Starting her own firm in a very small way, carving out a niche for herself is going to be tough.

Caroline is tough - separated from all family she feels the loss keenly. A mother who is disinterested, and a father who has made another life for himself with a wife who does not want to have his daughter in their life the only person whom she loves dearly is her grandmother. Her grandmother is old, lives in a facility and Caroline knows that her time has come. However, when she does pass on Caroline is left with a lot of questions and ones which niggle at her conscience.

Unraveling these turns out into a full time investigation which is going to leave Caroline stunned by the extent of the corruption, the machinations behind the facade of old time retirement homes and a mafia of people who will leave no stone uncovered, including murder to cover up their traces.

The story was excellent, plausible and very very readable. I enjoyed this one thoroughly.

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