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Friday, June 2, 2017

The Girls by Helen Yglesias

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I liked the description of this book. So much written about young people, older people on the periphery only and these were very old! eighty and upwards four sisters five years gap between them and all very much aware of what is happening to them and the surroundings and their future, limited though it seemed.

Jenny has turned up being the youngest to help Flora, the flamboyant one assist in the moving of Eva and Naomi to an assisted living home. The eldest is 95 articulate and sensitive and each sister is quite articulate with Flora being the extrovert and outgoing still thinking she is attractive to the opposite sex and quite flirtatious!

Interesting read on four different characters of women, how aging affects each of us in different ways (I am sure most readers can identify with one of these women!) I was certainly able to. Very nice take on the aging process and what we should or shouldn't possibly do to avoid embarrassing our children!

Sent to me by Delphinium Books Open Road via Netgalley,  for an unbiased review.


  1. The description really does sound interesting. Good choice.

  2. Not a lot of old peeps in books for sure

  3. This looks like a fun summer read! Thank you for sharing it!