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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Snail Man by Victoria Benchley

This was an unusual read in parts and just a basic read in some parts. The story was a bit off putting and creepy but at other times seemed very ordinary. I do not like to stop half way and sometimes wish I would! This was read to the end though.

Kathryn has been widowed for three years but she still seems to want to live in the past, which was a safe haven for her. Her job is a secure one but not exciting and she now feels that the time is correct to get back into the world of men and dating. Meeting two men - one rich and famous and flashy, the other homeless and almost  a stalker she has to choose between the two.

Kathryn herself comes across as being very shallow. I read a review saying she was na├»ve but I felt that she was much more calculating than that and for me not a very likable character.  The book was rather impersonal in the telling and I never got really taken in by any of the characters.

This was an Amazon download.

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  1. I like books that feel more personal - almost like the narrator is telling the story just to me - so this might not be for me.