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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Gracie - Women and War by Ellie Keaton

Gracie (Women & War #1)

This was a recommendation from Serena and one which I enjoyed. A free download from Amazon.  A short read it is a simple story set in the WWII background in Britain. 

The war in Britain seemed to have been unexpected. Most of the older folk felt that after WWI there would be no repetition of the war. The world in which England found itself was very harsh. The bombing of London was brutal and Gracie's life as a young woman is in this setting. Coming from a traditional family where parents decided what was good for their children,  Gracie is in service at the "big house" and here she meets Penelope the estranged grand daughter of the family. An unlikely friendship develops but this is a time of great change in England and the  system of upstairs, downstairs is fast disappearing.

Gracie's boyfriend too is not happy that she has joined the war effort and in addition all news of her twin brother lost during a battle seems at an end. Gracie however firmly believes that he is alive and will one day return.

The story of Gracie is a simple one of love and family set in dire circumstances.  This particular story very simply told has a happy ending which adds to the niceness of the story.


  1. This looks really good. Thanks to your post, I went over to Amazon and downloaded it.

  2. Thanks for sharing this new-to-me novel. I love stories set in war time Britain and will definitely check this one out.

    Thanks also for visiting my blog.