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Friday, December 5, 2014

The Marriage Game by Alison Weir

The Marriage Game

This was a delightful novel. Very slow in some parts but at the same time, keeping the reader interested because though of course we do know the outcome we still want to know personal stories.

This is not just history, this is a personal love story of a queen who was tragically torn in two. Today she would have been diagnosed with the syndrome and treated accordingly. At that time she kept it a well hidden secret and took it with her to the grave.

Elizabeth I came to the English throne through very turbulent times. She was quite used to intrigue and murder though murder and death warrants would haunt her to the end of her days. Very early on she fell in love with Robin and this love affair would also last her to the end of her days. The tragedy that she would not allow herself to take this affair to its culmination in marriage was her personal tragedy. For Elizabeth England reigned supreme and was her Master. Everything she did including the protracted marriage negotiations (which she had no intention of fulfilling) were done for the benefit of the country.

The Queen enjoyed the flirtations, and the intrigues of court politics involved in the marriage negotiations. What this did to her relationship with Robin whom she supposedly loved was secondary. A woman who seemed very calculating of every move and who wanted the cake and the plate as it were.

The author spins the story of Elizabeth I masterfully. Flaws and all are mercilessly revealed but at the same time the character and strength of Elizabeth are also revealed and how she laid the foundation for good governance in England is apparent.

This book was sent to me by Edelweiss.


  1. I know a lot of people who would probably love that book but I just can't get into books with royalty.

  2. I had no idea this was a novel! I enjoyed a couple of Weir's previous works of historical fiction so I'll have to look out for this one in the fiction aisles.