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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Provincial Lady in London - E M Delafield

The Provincial Lady in London

Delafield never fails to delight.  I love to read about life in this small English village with its quirky characters of the Vicar, more importantly the Vicar's wife, the very important Cook and housemaid (eternally giving notice and leaving) amongst others. 

Told in a diary form our lady is now a minor author and though the earnings are not that grand, the plans for the earnings are stupendous. How she balances her life juggling the roles of pacifying her husband Robert, handling the French governess and the Cook, diplomatic always in handling people of her parish (and in retrospect she always wonders why she is so hypocritical in her speech and why she doesn't tell the truth), and constantly living on the edge where her finances are concerned because she is constantly in the red. 

In this book our P L whose name we never find out, acquires a flat in London (almost without her knowledge) and lives in London whilst Robert lives in Devon. She meets up with her friends and literary acquaintances, is scandalised by the behaviour of some friends, annoyed at the high handedness of others, and angry at her weak mindedness in giving in to everyone. 

Full of humour and poking fun at all specially herself the read is very good. I am so looking forward to Provincial Lady in America.

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  1. "Delight" is exactly how I'd describe this series too -- I have the omnibus edition and every now and then just dip into it for a spirit-raising laugh. She never disappoints.

  2. I also enjoy stories set in small English villages. I'll have to take a look at this series.

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