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Friday, June 6, 2014

CRUISE by Suzanne Vermeer

Another book sent to me by Netgalley - publisher Open Road Integrated Media.

The story could not be more straightforward. Helene and Frank have a solid relationship. Married for 17 years, the couple have similar interests, a very good financial base, a lifestyle they like and seem perfectly content.

Frank arranges a cruise to celebrate their anniversary and they both look forward to this. Midway Frank disappears, presumed fallen overboard. Helene is distraught, returns home to discover to her horror that Frank had been in a homosexual relationship with Victor, a man from Nice and that a separate insurance policy had been taken on Frank's life as a gay couple and the company is definitely going to pay out to the survivor Victor as well.

Helen's suspicions are aroused. Frank was always a very conservative man, uncomfortable amongst anything unconventional.                                                    
A chance remark during a conversation with a fellow passenger on the cruise who were their dinner partners reconfirm to Heleen that something is not quite right. Unravelling the mystery however involves cross country road trips - first to Nice where her first tip takes her where she barely escapes with her life and then on to Blane's in Spain where she comes face to face with her husband and ready made family. Not just homosexual relationships, but one with a beautiful woman as well.

The story does not end with her escape from the now murderous husband but goes much beyond this time frame for years, with such twists in he tale which though fantastic whilst reading are all probable and extremely do able!

This is not just a story of a clever, scheming, adulterous, murderous, conniving bastard of a husband. It is also a story of a warm, compassionate, clever and strong woman who did what was right.

Very unusual read.