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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Tangled Web - L M. Montgomery

Something like Romeo and Juliet we have the Dark and Penhallow families. Two distinct tribes almost, having continuous running battles, arguments, disagreements and condescension over each other in the 20th century.

Petty and childish at most times, humourous and nice to read about. Must have been agony to be in one of the families though.

Aunt Becky - brash, wicked, opinionated and one always wanting to stir the pot has announced that she is now going to die. Of course we all are but she has plans. She organizes a levee and everyone from both sides want to attend because everyone has greedy eyes on an infamous jug that is valuable.  All want to know to whom she is going to give this jug to. We have valuables as well - a bed which is being eyed covetously, a diamond ring, a bottle of Jordan water but it is the jug which is the cynosure of all eyes.

Of course it would'nt be a story unless Aunt Becky lays down conditions. At the levee where everyone is grinding their teeth in anticipation, anger and disgust she lays down rules and regulations. To add insult to injury she says she has changed her mind and that it is only after one year that one particular Dark will announce who is to get the jug. She also says that she will not necessarily nominate the person that Dark may also nominate and choose who will be the ultimate winner of the jug. Everyone is now in a worse quandary than before. Now they have to please another person to get the blasted jug.

At this point I wondered why did everyone want this jug but by now it had become a point of honour that each one felt that they were the one who should be the proper receipient of this jug. The story goes on in perambulations and  coils of stories within stories till the final ending which was very just!

The story is not for everyone but for laughing at human foibles and especially at those for whom "what will people say" is important - this is the book. I picked the author up from a fellow blogger and got this book through Open Library.

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