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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Mystery at the Manor a Cherringham cozy crime book and Never Miss a Chance (Regency Romance)

Cherringham: Mystery at the Manor (Cozy Crime, #2)

The second book I am reading (of a series) set in Cherringham.  Jack is our retired American detective and Sarah is our local girl, who somehow get involved in anything fishy involving a death in Cherringham. I liked the first book, this second one did not do anything very much for me. It was a short read and pleasant. Fairly routine. 

This was a free download from Netgalley courtesy of Bastel Entertainment.

Never Miss a Chance (Kellington, #2)

This was an Amazon free download.

Regency England  - a duke's daughter who is supposed to be above scandal. Marcus, the Marquis of Everton  has been in love with her for years and when she gets into a scrape he offers her a way out by way of marriage which will still all the wagging tongues. 

A nice romance with a touch of humour and all the complications of Regency England. 

Now that I've read I think all of Georgette Heyer I am looking for substitutes!


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Literary Feline said...

It's too bad the second book of the cherringham series wasn't as good as the first. Will you continue with the series, do you think? It sounds like you enjoyed it to some extent just the same.

The Driscoll book sounds fun!