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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Mailbox Monday/It's Monday What are you reading? - coming a day earlier!

Still getting delightful reads courtesy of Netgalley 


and two wins

Black Chalk

courtesy of Luanne 

The End of Everything

courtesy of Stacy 

I was appalled at the postage costs on both books. I wonder whether I should stick to e-books because it is so unfair to pay such a lot for postage.

The following is a free download from Amazon.

The Murder At Sissingham Hall (An Angela Marchmont Mystery #1)


Hosted by Sheila at Book Journey. Reading the last book on my list by Clara Benson.

Set in a rather old fashioned setting of a country house we have a murder. Am just twenty percent through and enjoying it.

The weekend was busy but I did a lot of reading and finished two books. Back after going to Rozella - rain and cold. What a relief and now back to humid Colombo.


  1. Hope to hear what you think of Black Chalk.The End of Everything has an enticing cover, particularly since it's summer. Hope you like them.
    Book Dilettante

  2. Postage costs really are appalling! Your new books look like good reads...enjoy!


  3. Yay for netgalley :)
    Happy reading!

  4. def appreciate the accessibility of ebooks without postage!
    most giveaways keep int'l to that form so it works well for both giver and receiver =)
    enjoy some great upcoming reads!

  5. We Are Not Ourselves looks fantastic. Enjoy!

  6. I really liked The End of Everything.

    Those of us who do international giveaways know postage can be a lot so I don't think you should worry about it. Enjoy your wins!

  7. I really want to read We Are Not Ourselves! Enjoy your books.

  8. Postage is outrageous! I've got Black Chalk on my shelf. Have a great week of reading.

  9. I agree with Kathy. Anyone hosting an international giveaway has planned for the postage. When I've had them, I've used Book Depository for the free international shipping. I think your conscience is clear! It's nice of you to worry about it though.

    Enjoy your week!

  10. I'm so glad you are getting some good reads through NetGalley. Your choices always interest me. Hope you enjoy them all.

  11. Don't worry about postage costs! It's worth it to share books around the world :)