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Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Bone Church by Victoria Dougherty

The Bone Church: A Novel

I know its sometimes childish but I am a sucker for covers. This was one of the reasons I chose this from an Amazon free download! Another is the WWII connection. I seem to drift towards those stories of both WWI and II. Somehow the family stories, the emotions, the history of that era seems to have had such a huge impact not just on people but on a way of life as well, changing generations of thinking almost overnight.

This was set in Prague (new to me) fugitive lovers who are forced by various circumstances to make new connections all in order to escape.  Felix and Magdalena have to escape but plot after plot fails. They then get involved in a plot to assassinate Goebbels who miraculously escapes. Magdalena is forced to separate from Felix and go in one direction  and Felix goes in another till they emerge to face their demons once again. 

The Nazi occupation as well as the Cold War in Czechoslovakia are both themes of the book. The anti Semitic feeling is very pronounced here and one that is also particularly felt by our couple. The story of mistrust, betrayal, support by unexpected people and the strong need for survival comprise the whole book.

A very strong read very forcefully told.  Very strong characterization and plots which are dark but hold your interest throughout.

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  1. I am getting into novels set in Eastern Europe in the period of this story lately. Thanks for this post.