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Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Treasure Uncovered (Bellingwood, #3)

Set in rural Iowa this book also gave me an inkling of how small communities operate in America. Outsiders see America as this huge, bustling metropolis full of fashionable, ultra smart people! we then read about communities like this where everyone knows everyone else and all look out for each other. It is a nice feeling that neighbourhoods like this exist.

Polly is looking for a custodian for Sycamore House. She seems to have bad luck with custodians - her last one was found murdered. It also seems to be joke in her little town that if there is a dead body around Polly is the one who would find it. With the death of her custodian, Polly is on the lookout for someone who can fill his shoes. Eliseo seems to be hard working, fond of animals and a jack of all trades. An ideal fit - but with Eliseo comes a host of unrelated incidents and a sense of unease on Polly's part that things are not what they seem to be.

With time and the visit of Polly's best friend from Boston, Polly realizes the importance of relationships and the hold this little community has on her.

One of those nice, warm, fuzzy books!

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