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Sunday, February 9, 2014



This is the Kindle edition of the book. The paperback cover is plain with only lettering on it so I felt despite the Amazon detail, this was a better bet.

This was a funny book in a diary form. Mother of two teenagers and menopausal to boot with a pilot husband who is away for days at a time, we have our Mother diarying her day in a humorous way. One comm enter mentioned that she found the humor difficult to understand as she was American and she felt the humor was too British for her to follow. Another comment was that she felt furious because the mother in the story was indulging and spending her husband's money (she was a stay at home mum) and she felt that was frivolous.

I didn't look at it quite like that. I feel that if your husband does not object to your spending and if you do spend and it was in this case invariably on the family itself it does not matter to anyone else how one spends one money!!!!  In our world we always have someone who is richer than you, prettier than you, cleverer than you and good for them if they have it!!! Also in our world there are always ladies who lunch. Good for them too. 

The day to day workings of  a family - from a daughter who is just beginning to go out for parties "where there are boys and where alcohol may be served" brought lots of memories for me. So nervous for mothers when its the first time around. I know the feeling very well.  A son who is extremely messy, smells bad (the whole family thought it was food rotting in his room - it was just lack of deodorant!) made me smile. A mother who praises his son's girlfriend's cooking over her daughter's efforts did not go down well with our heroine. She was very slightly miffed. 

Funny and light to read. An ideal read for a lazy Sunday. 

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