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Sunday, February 23, 2014


A Jane Austen Daydream

The first thing that struck me was that book was written by a man! that in itself is unusual. Jane Austen is usually considered a feminine author so that I am so very glad that a man actually wrote this book. It means that there are many men out there reading Austen which is no bad thing.

The story starts with Jane as a young woman of 20 with the usual aspirations of men and marriage of the time. Having an elder sister waiting to find a partner and with a mother (like Mrs Bennett) whose only aspiration is to find partners for all her children (rich and successful is a bonus of course) and thus Jane is thrown in the path of possible suitors. The story carries on till around the age of 35. We have disillusionment in love and sorrow.

I was not very sure how much of the story is fictionalized and how much of it is faithful to Jane Austen's own life. In this story Jane comes along as a sparkly, determined young woman who faces life courageously. It is the Austen we know from Elizabeth and from her other characters in her books.

Still left with one question though at the end of the book. Did Jane find love and happiness at all? Would like to know that  as one is kind of left wondering at the end. You do want a happy ending for Jane after all. 

Was at Rozella yesterday - here is one photograph of me and  our dogs. The area is so dry and we are anxiously awaiting the rains - supposedly scheduled to start soon. Cannot be too soon for me. 



  1. What a treat! I agree with you on that male perspective in writing and especially about JA !
    I've pinned it to my JA board =)

    and have a couple JA variations at my Monday Reading post as well..1 an ebook the other audio-

    HapPy reading while you await the rains, Mystica!

  2. Going to recommend this one to a friend, don't think she's ever read a JA variation by a male author. Hoping the rains come soon!!

  3. The weather has been odd everywhere this year.

    Enjoy your reading week!

    Here's my It's Monday!

  4. Nice review and picture. I have been putting off Jane Austen for years. I do want to read her books, though.

  5. I think all Austen lovers hope she experienced romantic love. This sounds intriguing because of the male author.
    Hope your rains arrive soon!

  6. I've always wished for a real-life happy ending for Jane too! Hope you've gotten rain.

  7. Glad you liked my book!

  8. I'll have to check this one out, since you know how much I love Austen-inspired books. I've read a couple written by a male author that I thought were pretty good.