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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


The book came to courtesy of its publisher. Since I do not get many books this way, this was a special treat.

The story is set in centuries apart. We have Maddie - bereft, grief stricken at the loss of her fiancee in 2007 and we have Mia in 1347 struck dumb since the death of her mother and living with her aunt in Tuscany.

The stories set in separate chapters taking each character by itself alternatively was good. I liked the detailed background history of each person, their environment, the way they lived, their daily life and what it entailed. Taking it as a contrast in itself was interesting. We had Maddie a modern day lawyer dealing with a huge trial against a multi national and pitting her brains and talent against an equally dynamic man. We have Mia living a quiet life though with undercurrents always - the restlessness of the age and the political unrest of the times where you did not know from which side danger would erupt. 

Both women were strong ones who were willing to put up a good fight for what they believed in. Mia's aunt Jacquetta was a thoroughly modern woman of the times and the life she led - independent, fearless and doing what she knew best - added a lot of interest to this story. The story telling was fluid - for me the change from one century to the next was of interest though lots of reviews seem to find the change difficult to handle.

Interestingly told, it was a story teller's tale slowly unfolded with a satisfying end.


  1. I am glad to see you liked it better than I did. I just could not connect with Maddie

  2. I'm looking forward now to reading the book, having read your review and Blodeuedd's comment.

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