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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


This book intrigued me when I saw it on Bibliophile by the Sea. Generally I never get to read a book as it comes out on blogs but this time I was in Melbourne and I just devoured all the recently read and reviewed books. Luckily for me this was available at the Library.

In 1986 whilst two children were sleeping in a tree house built by their father, their mother was murdered and since all evidence pointed to the father, he was arrested for murder and has since been in prison. Alex has always believed in his father's innocence whereas Lauren always went for the general opinion that he was guilty. She has cut all links with him and had never contacted him since he was in prison, neither has she even opened any letters sent to her.

Fast forward 20 years - Alex is a doctor working in Iraq and and Lauren lives with her boyfriend and works in real estate. Lauren's world is turned upside down when Alex goes missing, presumed dead. Lauren then decides to investigate further into her father's imprisonment. What is uncovered is totally surprising, totally out of the blue and so strange it has to be true. I only hope this does not happen in real life as that would be tragic.

The story was compelling, it also shows how a random act of someone can have such far reaching consequences. No where was the ripple effect more effectively seen than in this book. Nice read.


  1. Oh I am glad that you got a chance to read this one. I had the audio, and I think the reader's voices spoiled it a bit.

  2. I am glad that you got to read this one after having seen it around :D

  3. It's so nice when we are recommended a book and it turns out as well as we hoped it would.