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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mannar Children's Concert

I  have been unable to put titles on the photos but these are from my last trip to Mannar. Just to recap, the orphanage is small, the pre school is one of the first in the area and they are having a concert which is huge after 15 years. An entire generation of school children have grown up without a concert of any kind.

I think it was so brave of the Sisters to venture into singing, dancing and music. Training 40 children who have never taken part in any kind of organized activity, that is what I call clever organizers.

I always thought running a business is difficult but running an orphanage and this kind of school is enormous work under sometimes trying circumstances. 


  1. Clever organizers indeed! As a former music teacher I completely understand the challenges that faced the brave Sisters :) Wonderful photos.

  2. Thank you for sharing such wonderful pictures.

  3. Oh...I loved this post. The children are just beautiful!

  4. Lovely photos, thank you for sharing them.

  5. thank you for sharing these heartwarming pics