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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Two reviews. Both on the mystery/murder/psychological thriller lines!

I know some books get a bit more sad and emotional than others, but when the sadness persists throughout the book it does get me down.

Having said that the story of Wade and Ann and Jenny, May and June was overwhelming in its theme of hopelessness and sadness. I felt that there was no silver lining at all but I persevered with the read hoping that something even at the end will uplift me.

The storyline was a good one. Murder of a child by her mother. Reasons never known. The other child goes missing ever after and is never found though the search does go on. The father with inherited dementia goes into a very early decline and it is left to the second wife to hold the fort for all. Which she does admirably. Given the circumstances I should say she does well.

It had good characterization, descriptive of the prison system and the story told from multiple times and perspectives though normally a theme I like, I found a bit confusing.

Sent to me by Netgalley for an unbiased review, courtesy of Chatto & Windus.

This is a story that parents of teenage children do not need to read! it is all too realistic and all too happening in today's world.

We have flashbacks throughout the story. The present day police officers coming to a scene and finding a family murdered. Then we have the real story building up very slowly. A normal upper middle class family. Father seems steady, not really so. Gambling his money away hoping to make a very quick buck and landing the entire family in bankruptcy. Unknown to them of course.

The wife a home maker who knows that something is not quite right, Cannot put her finger on whats wrong. A teenage daughter full of angst and anger and a mother not knowing how to reach her, having her hands full with her husband and youngest child.

The youngest child, not knowing where she fits in cowed and a bit frightened of the real world. Loves her family but finding it difficult that her eldest sister now hates her.

And Ruby the teenager daughter not knowing what to make of herself. The bullying which is relentless, the peer pressure, the pressure to conform to be part of the top group and failing and then trying to find a niche for herself with a boyfriend who she dearly loves but is again not acceptable to all.  How does this pressure cooker situation finally evolve?

The author takes us slowly through the final explosion and it is a big one. Disastrous, sad, inevitable.
A psychological thriller I would say, told quite slowly so builds to a climax better!

Sent to me by Netgalley for an unbiased review, courtesy of Bookouture.

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  1. Her Last Secret sounds very tempting!

    Idaho is a book I read and enjoyed, but yes, so much sadness. Thanks for sharing.