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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Damnable Legacy by Elizabeth Kretchmer

The Damnable Legacy

Lynn is a dedicated mountaineer. She has sacrificed everything she holds dear to climb mountains. Decades ago she gave up her baby daughter so that she would be free to climb mountains. She still has one more mountain to climb - the infamous Denali and with that she has decided to stop.

On the other side of the country we have Frankie a very troubled teenager, with not the best of mothers. Escaping her mother all Frankie wants to do is reach Ryan and Beth's home where she knows she will be safe and wanted. How to get there is the problem and how she eventually does it shows cunning, shrewdness but above all desperation.

The two people will meet through a series of events which will just bring everyone together. It is almost karmic the way the parties who have nothing to do with each other will eventually meet and it adds to the twists in the story very well. Some things are just meant to be. Why, how, where and when these things happen no one knows and you cannot plan on it as well. It just does.

A story of survival especially under trying physical conditions, the story of climbing mountains in adverse conditions, and the story of love and family are all intertwined in this one.

I enjoyed the slightly out of world experience where Beth who is now dead is a constant figure or rather silent spectator at the happenings throughout the story. Not too far out at all. Very believable!

This was a recommendation on a blog and came free on Amazon.

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