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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Death of a Nurse by M C Beaton

If you like droll characters set in quirky villages where the language gets some getting used to, this is the series for you.

We have our Plod, Hamish Macbeth who is very happy in his village and in dread that he will be transferred out to one of the big towns. We have Charlie his sidekick, equally happy and in dread that he will be transferred to Strathbane - the home of drugs and every kind of vice it seems. Between these two and their pets Lugs and Sonsie (incidentally a wild cat) we have our cast of main characters.

The arrival of a pretty nurse, saucy and on the prowl herself provides good entertainment for all the local folk until she turns up dead. 

Hamish is also a ladies man who wonders why he cannot find a permanent partner and is on the prowl all the time when there is a good looking lady around. Unraveling the crime is difficult because the suspects keep changing and it is a merry go round of crime. On top of that sparks fly between our Chief Detective Fraser and our simple Charlie much to Hamish's amazement, and then there is strife and jealousy amongst the upper echelons of the constabulary itself with back biting, corruption and paybacks to just throw in a few things to confuse our reader.

Altogether very enjoyable read of a crime novel of an almost different genre!

Sent to me by Netgalley for review courtesy of Grand Central Publishing.


  1. Sounds like a good read, hope they got their culprit in the end and all returned to normal for at least awhile in their quiet village!