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Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Few of the Girls by Maeve Binchy

A Few of the Girls

This collection of short stories deal with human relationships - and it shows that whether at the beginning of the 1900s or coming close to 2016 nothing has changed as far as basics go. We grow up sometimes in difficult circumstances, sometimes in comfortable ones, have careers, some get married, some don't, have kids, don't have children and learn to live, love and be comfortable with each other.

It was a very heartwarming collection of stories, each unique, each very real.

An author I missed reading for a long time so I am glad I got to this one.

Sent to me by Edelweiss.

A post script here - I was away visiting children and grandchildren in Melbourne and returned this morning. A bit jet lagged but thank god for scheduled reviews. It all seems to have gone smoothly!


  1. I haven't read her work in a while but it's always a pleasure.

  2. Ah how nice to have been in Melbourne for awhile. Yes scheduled posts do work! I haven't read much of MB but this one sounds very readable and one I could pick up and put down over a period of time.

  3. I have not read this author in a long while, so this collection sounds like a perfect way to reacquaint myself.

  4. Binchy has a knack for relationships. This looks good. Glad you got home safely and hope you had a lovely visit.
    Enjoy your week and reading.