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Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Sound of Glass by Karen White

The Sound of Glass

I was very glad I got this book after I read many reviews which were very positive on the blogs.

Set in two parallel lifetimes we alternate between the late Edith Heyward who kept her secrets hidden to the grave and the young Merritt Heyward, equally secretive with her history and shying away from anyone who shows her the slightest kindness and affection.

Merritt has been widowed. Her husband Cal has been left a house and this has now been inherited by Merritt who now decides to make the change from Maine to South Carolina exchanging lifestyles and attitudes which are not easy for the reserved New Englander. Moving to a dilapidated house she now faces friendly neighbors on top of the surprising arrival of her step mother the glamouress and loving Loralee along with her son Owen, who is Merritt's step brother.

Unravelling secrets hidden for decades this story of family and the spirit and determination to survive despite over riding odds is one that fascinates. The human spirit is strong and not willing to give in or give up. The Heyward women epitomize this and the power of good over evil is also distinctly seen. The need to protect one's own at all costs is a striking feature of this book.

I received this book from Netgalley courtesy of Penguin Group Berkeley NAL/Signet Romance DAW


  1. Sounds like something I could read

  2. This was very good Glad you enjoyed it as well.

  3. I'll check out if if it comes in Kindle format!
    Thanks Mystica and have a lovely Summer!

  4. This book is on my radar, and reading your review makes it even more solidly on it. I've seen lots of positive reviews like yourself, so must try it!

  5. I've been wanting to read this one too. Glad you liked it! I think the story sounds really good.