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Monday, June 8, 2015

Murder in Court Three by Ian Simpson

A glittering function is not the ideal place for a murder to take place especially since police officers and more so the top brass are all around. How did this murder take place in such a crowded place. On top of it all the murdered QC had an eye for the ladies and was having an affair with the wife of a senior police officer.  The lady in question was blatantly open about the affair, despite all the damage it could do to the officer's career.

This delicate operation has been handed over to Inspector Fortune and Sergeant Chandavarkar who have to face interrogations with people who can remember only that much, religious groups and the media which is being set up by an ex Inspector who wants to see the present force look like fools.

Kept me guessing till the end.

The book was sent to me by Netgalley courtesy of Troubador Publishing.


  1. Mystica, is this novel set in India? Sergeant Chandavarkar is an interesting name fort a character because "Chandavarkar" is a name common to my specific community within the larger Hindu dispensation. Maybe, the author took a fancy to the Indian surname.

  2. I love books that keep you guessing until the end!

  3. This sounds good. I love when I don't figure out the book ahead of time.