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Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Other Girl by Pam Jenoff

WWII stories are always emotional. Always they seem to bring back memories not always of a good kind but the stories have to be told as they are so much a part of history. 

This is a very short story - a prequel to the novel The Winter Guest. 

Maria is recently married, finds out she is pregnant but is all alone. She does not fit in with her inlaws who seem to just tolerate her existence in their house. Her own home is just a few doors away but she is estranged from her father and now she feels that he is a traitor who betrays those in their village for personal gain. 

The problem of plain survival is uppermost in everyone's minds in this small village in rural Poland and finding a Jewish runaway is not an ideal situation for Maria who is herself bereft and alone. Befriending this girl and trying to help her in the face of her fathers betrayal shows the strength of Maria's character. 

I was very disappointed that the novel ended so abruptly as I do not know when I would get to The Winter Guest. This was a very good story as opening chapters.


  1. Drives me crazy when there is a sequel but I too love WWII novels.

  2. Looking forward to both titles Mystica, thanks!

  3. It sounds like the book was good until it ended. I need to check out Jenoff.

  4. I've read short stories like that. I think it is a way to get the reader excited about the forthcoming novel. I hope you enjoy The Winter Guest whenever you do get the chance to read it.

  5. I wish this one had been longer, too, but I hope you get to read The Winter Guest soon, as it'll all make sense then.