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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I read a story about twins and then one week later I pick up another book about twins. It was eerily similar. This is again about twin sisters who are unalike - totally different from each other. One is a determined career woman, who has almost reached the pinnacle in her field (advertising) and the other is a beautiful model who is intent on making a wonderful marriage and securing a financially viable future.

Lindsey gets cheated out of a big account and the prestigious position that would have been offered to her if she clinched the deal. She also makes a stupid mistake professionally and is kicked out of her job. She returns home under a false pretence as she is too ashamed to admit that she has lost her job. On returning home she finds that everything seems to have fallen into place beautifully for her sister and Lindsey resents this. With no effort at all Alex has found everything she wants in her life.

The book has some unusual twists and turns. Both sisters had a lot of growing up and maturing to do at the beginning of the story and this is what happens by the end. Even at 29 they do not know each other, neither do they know themselves and this acknowlegement of their misunderstandings is a key element of the story.

My first read of Sarah Pekkanen. I have also read her next book Missing a Beat - the review of which will follow. A good read for teenagers as well.


  1. I read Skipping a Beat so I'll have to give this one a try.

  2. I really liked this book too, and thought Skipping a Beat was even better!

  3. I have got to read this one. I picked up Skipping a Beat the other day and just need some time to read it now.

  4. I do like Sarah Pekkanen's books though they remind me of other similar authors like Claire Cook or Jennifer Weiner. This one in particular reminded me of Jennifer Weiner's In Her Shoes. I think teens would definitely like this.