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Thursday, January 26, 2012


This was one book which I enjoyed very much. A mix of Georgette Heyer, Jane Austen and a dollop of Sophie Kinsella!!

Clever and independent - two traits not very popular with women of her era Lydia had spurned the advances of her neighbour and beau Lewis - an extremely eligible bachelor. Ten years down the line Lydia has put matters of the heart behind her (so she thinks) and lives a very peaceful life in the country with her father. Lurking at the back of her mind however are the daunting thoughts of the future once her father is no more and she is without her beloved home.

Appealed to by her godmother to take on the responsibility of a young lady and introduce her to society in Bath as a chaperone was a matter of some chagrin to Lydia who did not think that at thirty she had progressed to being a wallflower and a chaperone but she gracefully accepts the assignment and then the adventures begin.

The young lady in question - Phoebe has two men in love with her and she cannot decide on either. She seems to love them both though she does not actively encourage either. The two ladies seem to be enjoying the pleasures of a season in Bath with its balls, picnis, riding and general fun. However, the tables are turned when one of Phoebe's admirers fall in love with Lydia instead and Lydia is faced with dilemmas on every side which for once she does not know how to cope with. On top of that add a sudden elopement, Lydia having to engage the services of Lewis to stop the elopement, prevent scandals, and generally put things in order.

As expected things turn out nicely, everyone is happy and peacefully settled and you breathe a sigh of satisfaction at the end. Do you want anything else?

On another note - just wanted to ask my other bloggers what does one do if someone stops following you? I feel a bit sad when this happens but never know what is the etiquette in these cases.

Leaving for Rozella this afternoon and will be away till Sunday. No internet and only books and some blessed cool I hope after the heat of Colombo. Leaving Googly but waiting to see my other two dogs!


  1. I used to get upset when someone stopped following me, I think its happened thrice, but now I don't let it bother me. Sometimes people stop following if they'r not interested in the kind of books you read and sometimes following too many blogs might be overwhelming to some. In any case, its best not to take it too personally.It's better to have followers who actually read and participate in your blog than just a large number of followers. that's my two cents :)

  2. There could be a variety of reasons someone would stop following you - don't take it personally. I don't think there is anything for you to do except don't let it bother you. I recently cleared a lot of blogs off my google reader list because I signed via email so I suppose it appears I stopped following some GFC blogs.

    I'm definitely adding this book to my list. It's the first time I've heard of it. Nice review.

  3. You had me with your first sentence...sounds delightful!

    I wouldn't take it personally if someone stops following you. They might not have the same tastes in books or no longer use GFC to follow blogs. I try not to pay attention to numbers anyway, just focus on the reason I blog in the first place -- to share books with friends! :)

  4. You are mentioning 3 awesome authors there so yes this one is for me :D

  5. This sounds like a nice, cosy read.

    I try not to get offended when people stop reading my blog, I just assume that maybe they don't like the kinds of books that I like to read.

  6. So happy to see your review of this book-Jude Morgan is one of my favorite authors and I hope more people continue to read and review!

  7. I loved An Accomplished Woman and keep meaning to try more of Jude Morgan's books. I am glad you enjoyed it too. It isn't a book that gets a lot of attention in the States unfortunately but it is perfect for Austen fans. I still haven't read anything by Georgette Heyer so I don't know how it compares. I do love Sophie Kinsella though.