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Thursday, January 12, 2012


This has been on my list for a while. Add to that this cover and wouldn't anyone want to read it!  Lady Julia and her husband are just trying to settle into married life after their honeymoon but Julia of course just cannot be like the other ladies around her. She has to always stick her nose into Brisbane's business as well as continue her experiments with substances like for example explosives.

The series which involve this unusual Victorian lady is as usual intriguing. Julia is so different to the ladies of her time that she has to meet opposition/interest/intrigue wherever she goes. She is feisty, independent, free thinking, very supportive of her husband actively so - all traits as mark her as very unusual. In this book Julia meets up with several men who do not see quite like the way she does, neither do they like her behaviour and she meets trouble as usual head on.  Another thing which is maybe an addition, and could be the branching out for future novels is the introduction of a slightly different interpretation to Brisbane's blinding migraines. A slightly supernatural view that these migraines are a portent of something to come?

I liked reading the book as this is part of the series I have been looking forward to. Awaiting more.

On another note Melbourne is having a cold spell. It was 14 last morning and this morning its just 17. I know that for readers this may be very mild but believe me for someone from tropical Sri Lanka, this is cold. I am having being very virtuous and doing my usual walk (which is very unusual for me anyway). So its back to the library which involves a 2 km walk. All for the love of books!!! Happy weekend everyone.


  1. I want to read the Lady Julia series so I'm glad you enjoyed this book.
    Hope the temperatures improve for your walks :)

  2. This is a fun series, and I find that it keeps evolving and getting more intriguing with each new installment. Glad you enjoyed it. 14 degrees...brrrrr!

  3. I'm so far behind in this series - must catch up as I really enjoyed the first couple and you make this one sound very appealing.

  4. Is that C or F? Not that I know what it would mean in F anyway ;)

  5. I have to get the Lady Julia series - so highly recommended!