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Monday, April 25, 2011

Review - Cynthia Harrod Eagles - The Princeling

The time is 1558 and it is the time of Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of the Scots. A most turbulent time in English politics. The Protestant faith is on the rise and is very popular specially as it is promoted by the Queen and the Catholic Morlands have to look for new alliances and those who are very strong in the Catholic faith have to be very careful as to who their friends are. Spies are everywhere, the celebration of Catholic mass and rituals are prohibited and even fines imposed if you do not attend the Protestant services.

I did not know about this angle at all and was intrigued at the way the Justices of the Peace had to enforce the followers of a religion to conform. The use of servants as spies was also encouraged so that they could find out those who were secretly following the "old ways".

There are two main stories in this book. One of John, gentle and wonderful with animals who goes to wild Scotland and falls in love with a most strange girl - Mary and then there is Lettice who loves the Rob Hamilton and learns to live with the fear of death all the time.

The siblings stories are the main part of the book. As usual a great deal of history and intrigue are also involved.

My fascination for the series continues! This is also part of my reading for the Historical Fiction Reading Challenge hosted by Historical Tapestry (fascinating books to be found there).


  1. I can;'t imagine how hard it must have been for all those living at that time. To have to be a spy, to be spied upon. Never a moment of internal peace.