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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Review - Cynthia Harrod Eagles - THE MAIDEN

I am back to my series and this is one which for me was particularly tinged with sadness. It starts with Jemmy - eldest of all the brothers and disliked by most of them as he is his father's heir. His father for years estranged from all his children, grudgingly accepts that Jemmy is his son, doubting forever the fact that the other five boys are his sons.

The year is 1720 and Jemmy is contracted to marry the Lady Mary - distant, cold and influenced by a most disagreeable companion who ruins any prospect of happiness in the marriage. Having borne two children Lady Mary continues her dislike almost hate for her daughter Jemima when she loses her son to small pox.

Jemima her father's sole heir to the entire estate is thrust into a world of learning about commerce and running an estate much against the wishes of several elders of the family including her mother. Despite this, Jemima does accept the responsibilities thrust on her and does not allow herself to be overwhelmed by this - inspite of a ruinous marriage.

How Jemima survives and fights back is the happy part of the story.

An extremely enjoyable series - as I said before could be also read as a stand alone book.


  1. hi! one stick of butter equals four ounces!

  2. More :D You so make me wanna read those the library have

  3. I don't think I would enjoy a book where a mother is so cold to her child. I know that it is fiction, but still, kids really are precious. (I think I have read too many sad books lately and am in need of a pick-me-up one).

  4. You know a series is well written when its books can stand alone. I'm glad to see you're enjoying this one.