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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Book blogger hop - 11/4 to 14/4

The meme hosted by crazy for books highlights bloggers and their varied interests in books.
Please link up and see what the book world has to offer.

This weeks question is a good one "Outside of books what is your guilty pleasure?"

I do not feel guilty about any pleasures I have!!! I love to quilt but find that this is happening now only in fits and starts and I do wish I could get to it more systematically. I also love crafts of every kind and even reading about stuff which people do, even if I know that I will not get to it at all gives me enormous pleasure. I also love reading about thrifting in America and op shopping in Australia. The finds of bloggers around the world is amazing!!! what people throw out is something I am still trying to get used to. Here in Sri Lanka nothing would be thrown out certainly not the stuff that is appearing in thrift shops all around the world.

Have a good weekend everyone. The New Year finished yesterday but the celebrations will continue till Sunday (see my post on this!)


  1. I think it's great you don't feel guilty about your pleasures!

  2. Thank you for hopping across to my blog. I love the idea that you work with work of love is with the homeless...have a happy new year!

  3. My only guilty pleasure is reading in the bath, but like you, I love different types of crafting (quilting, sewing, knitting, crocheting, counted cross-stitch) and wish there were more time to create lovely items!