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Monday, March 21, 2011

Short review - Cynthia Harrod Eagles The Victory

Reviews of this series are going to be short as you are going to see many of them!
Set in the period of Napoleon's attempt to gain supremacy both in Europe and England the sea battles of the time and the political squabbles in England are the backdrop for the story.

In Manchester Mary Jane gets involved in the problems of the working poor - much to the anger of her father and the disapproval of society. It is also strange that she does not wish to live with her husband and disappears for six months at a time to her father's residence taking little Henry with her. She is blissfully happy in her fathers company.

It is also strange that James has absolutely no feelings in this matter and allows her to disappear along with his son - he also does not show any interest in the little boy as well.

James is in love with Heloise has scandalised society by going away for a year to live with her, had a daughter Sophie but has now returned to live with his wife.

James's sister Lucy is even more scandalous (for the times that is!!!). Married to an earl, she has moved out to live with Captain Weston, has a baby with him but still shares the house with her husband who has no qualms whatsoever to do so.

Add to the story a whiff of another scandal - that Lucy's earl is having a homosexual relationship with young Robert and we have enough scandals and gossip for this book!

There is a sorrow of course - the death of both the lover and husband of Lucy within a very short time, the sad death of Mary Jane and Henry of the plague in Manchester but with this comes the realization that James is now free to marry Heloise despite his hellish little daughter.

I cant wait for the next stage of this epic story. If one likes history with a good dash of high jinks in English society, plus family sagas and secrets this series is for you.


  1. Such a shame that the library did not have these, I would loved to have seen how the story continued

  2. Sounds excellent, Mystica! Wonderful review. Have a good week and happy reading.

  3. This one sounds really good. Great review, I'm really intrigued. Looking forward to the other reviews.

  4. Oh gosh I love to find new historical fiction series! Thanks for bringing this one to my attention.

  5. This series is new to me but after reading your review I am thinking I may have to read it. It seems to be a story with a lot going on.