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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Two short reviews - The long good boy by Carol Lea Benjamin and Once upon a Christmas by Lauraine Snelling and Lenora Worth

There are two stories here. Its described as a novella anyway. The first one deals with a love story which is fairly straightforward and rather simplistic. The second one did not impress me at all. Set in the bayou country the redeeming feature of this was that it educated me on bayou food which sounds very good, the language or patois which is interesting and a very hoity toity attitude by the landed gentry!

I fell for the cover not the book! Dash short for Dashiel and Rachel Alexander are the detectives in this murder mystery. A mysterious call in the middle of the night - murder of a hooker and transvestite hookers being anxious over their fate as they feel they are being targetted by someone forms the basis of the book. A bit complicated for me and not really right for this season but that is my fault, not the authors. This is No 6 of the series so there is a fair amount of reading here.
I still have a fair amount of books to go through before the end of the year. I am starting on The Wild Irish as I want to have a change of scene from really soppy Christmas fare!


  1. I like both the covers . but the second one doesnt really feel like a cover of a murder mystery.

  2. Very nice blog here! A treaure trove for books definitely! Will be visitng often!

  3. Neither actually grabs my interest. And I have to say the second one's cover doesn't seem to go with the plot.

  4. I like short reviews :) Sometimes you just need a short review

  5. Both covers are nice, but the second story doesn't catch my interest and the cover doesn't really go with the plot. But thanks for the short reviews! Happy reading:)


  6. those both look like cute books. merry christmas!! :-)