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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Book review - Alligators. Old Mink and New Money by Alison Houte and Melissa Houte

I love op shopping (the equivalent of thrift stores in America and second hand shops in the UK) and in Australia you do get gems in these shops. When I saw this book it actually cried up to me although for me the title was a bit off putting till I started reading and realized that the author's love for alligator skin purses was a passion! I got it then.

The book is a memoir of Alison's life and how she set up her vintage clothes shop Hootie - a derivation of her own surname. How she struggled and succeeded beautifully to not only be a financial success but also to be a force to be reckoned with in society. Her love of couture, labels, good design, fine workmanship and details all come through in this book.

I learned a lot of this craft in this book. I am not very much into clothes, vintage or otherwise. This book draws you in and educates you on everything to do with vintage clothes, modern clothes and accessories. A lovely read. 242 pages (small font!!!)


  1. It sounds like a unique and interesting book.

  2. Boy, you got that one read fast! It sounds charming.

  3. Oh no, I hate small font :( I have been known to pass on books cos of that

  4. I've always wanted to be a vintage shopper and gather all sorts of treasures that I could wear and be smart in. I envy people that can find lovely used clothing. This book sounds like a lot of fun other than the small font!