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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Review - Chasing Shakespeares by Sarah Smith

No picture again. My son's computer has gone into protest and lockdown and this laptop is so old that I never know what it will do next so please excuse any mistakes in this post.

Two graduate students both lovers of Shakespeare are both looking for that elusive thing - a subject for their dissertation and something that will make their career
especially in the rarefied atmosphere of English literature. Joe is the son of a Vermont hardware merchant and Posy daughter of a rich man born with a proverbial silver spoon in her mouth are together in this search. One with a genuine love of literature and learning, the other just for a more high profile and profitable if possible, career move. Chalk and cheese together.

Whilst going through a collection Joe finds a purported confession by Shakespeare attributing his works to another. Heresy apart from the bombshell it will be not ust to literature but to tourism in Stratford on Avon!

The story proceeds on a fascinating path and Sarah Smith handles this rather different world very well. 337 pages and my only pet peeve a tiny print which really made it tough to read. For lovers of English, literature and Shakespeare a must read.


  1. oooh! this sounds intriguing! thank you
    for the excellent review!

  2. I took an entire course on Shakespeare in college, so this intrigues me. Hope your computer problems are over soon!

  3. Gonna go look up the cover, I am curious that way ;)

  4. Sorry about the cover. Just could not upload!!

    Anna the computer troubles are over. I got my son on the telephone (he has gone back to Sri Lanka for the holidays, me still in Melbourne) and we did it!!! I never thought I would be able to. Take this wire out and do that etc. I was mortally scared that I'd put something wrong somewhere and the whole thing would go bust!!!!

  5. Have a lovely happy h a p p y weekend! xx

  6. i use marrow bones in lots of things! i just love them. and no one eat them here so they are really cheap!

  7. I wanted to stop and say thank you for your visit today! Your book review sounds interesting!


  8. How interesting! Great review and thank you for stopping by our blog!Happy reading:)


  9. sounds fun - I'm a huge Shakespeare fan!
    I'll search it out.

  10. Hello Mystica! THANK YOU FOR COMING OVER! I am in the U.S.; you may have thought I was in a French speaking country,but no, I am in Minnesota! How did you find me???

    I will go for your give away!!! Thank you for entering mine!