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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Review - Barbara Erskine's Time's Legacy

This is not going to be an easy book to review. Before I start I must say I love books on vicars and vicarages and such (this is why I love Susan Howatch) but this though it does start with straight forward vicars is much much more.
It is a story of a moment set in time - set hundreds of years before and how it relates to the present. So the story constantly fluctuates between now and Roman times. We have Abi a lady vicar and Keir her mentor as it were opening the story and then the antagonism and tension that evolves around their ministry. Erskine keeps you on your toes throughout the book, you never know what is happening, what is going to happen and whatever you think is going to happen doesn't and something totally different happens.
If all this sounds very mysterious, it is because it is. I cannot even imagine the extent of the creativity that someone could possess to imagine, evaluate and make a story out like this. If I have tittilated you enough, it is good.
Whether you like history, fantasy, Romans or Englishmen you should read this book. There is Christianity, paganism, witches, druids, fantasy and the famous story of Jesus actually visiting Glastonbury in Britain. The writing is simple and straightforward and you just want to finish it as quickly as possible which is what happened to me. The writing is so good that you actually feel that you are in turns living in Roman times with the druids and the Romans who settled in the area and then you can actually live and breathe the sounds of the church, the orchard, the birds and the bustle of the present century.
Please read this book and let me try to find out whether there are any more from this author in my local library. This was an amazing book to read.


  1. I agree, this was an excellent read - one of my favorites of Erskine's.

  2. I have read a couple of her books, and liked them, one I could not put down and was crying for hours while reading

  3. Wow, your review makes me really want to read this book. I have never read this author but I think I will have to give her a try.