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Monday, December 20, 2010

Review - Country Pursuits by Jo Carnegie

This Christmas week I was looking for cozy, warm reads if there is a thing like that and I did find them (see my Mailbox Monday). This was hefty book which was difficult to read while in bed though!!!

Again the idyllic village of Churchminster faces a crisis - its verdant Meadows is being ear marked for "development" alias a housing estate, and the party behind it is a very unsavoury character! Well it is upto the village to do something to save itself and this they definitely do in very surprising and wonderful ways. Those of you who are in the fund raising line should definitely read this book.

At the same time we are dealing with a bunch of women - in one family we get Camilla, Caro and Calypso - different as sisters could ever be with varying degrees of problems to be faced and handled. We also have the other women in this village - some characters seem to be very typical whilst others are not so. How these women
handle the issues life throws at them - head on by the way - and sort their lives out makes for interesting reading.

A big book but which was just right for the season.


  1. Sounds like a fun book! I find myself reading fun, light books right now too. I tried getting into a book that I was sent for review (a little heavier) but it's just not happening. So, I'll stick to my chick lit for now!

  2. thanks for sharing - i must pick it up x

  3. It does sound good, and I love cozy and warm reads :D

  4. Glad you liked it Mystica! It sounds like a good read.