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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Private Lives by J G Harlond

Bob Robbins is a detective, but he is presently on holiday enjoying a short walking holiday in the countryside. Stumbling upon a shooting, one man dead, one man missing both of whom he actually saw he now finds himself embroiled in a peculiar mystery of linking pieces of an immense family puzzle.

I lost track of who was related to whom halfway through but I think in small country villages all over the world, everyone is interconnected by marriage going back generations. This village was no different. That was part of the charm of this story because history of clans seemed to be taken very seriously and accounted for various squabbles, ill feelings and stories never allowed to actually fade away - good or bad.

A classic mystery murder detective story this was a nice one set in a rural setting in  wartime England.

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  1. You cant go wrong with a classic premise

  2. So true about country villages (small towns). This is going on my Goodreads list. Thanks for sharing!