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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Death on the Beach by Anna Johannsen

An ultra conservative religious group, closing guarding their members from any attention is not the ideal group when a teenager of one of their families is found murdered on the beach.  Seen as uncooperative and unwilling to divulge any information, not allowing access to their houses, cars is not helping the detectives on the case.

Set on an island off the Danish coast, the people are already well known to each other. Everyone seems to be stone walling the detectives and pressure is mounting to solve the case at the earliest. Even in this day and age arranged marriages within the community, implicit obedience, and the husband as head of the house prevents the detectives from getting any information vital to the case.

At the onset it seems as if the parents do not care - her father did not even join the group in its initial search and this strikes most people as odd but Lena the detective knows there is more than meets the eye.  Is everyone actually shielding the murderer and how do they unravel the very few pieces of evidence they have to link to their killer.

It was a good story but I figured the killer very early on which is not always the case for me! I also liked that Lena had a personal life and this was very much part of the story as well. It added a different perspective to the story too.

Interesting read. Nice setting.

Sent by Netgalley for an unbiased review, courtesy of Amazon Publishing UK.

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